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Third Voice

JEFF KEARNEY               - VOCALS


TONY ROSSI                  - DRUMS



Third Voice originally came on the scene in 1998 with the release of the demo cd "Reflections".  The follow up came in 2002 with "Moments Like These".  The project consisted of Jeff Kearney (Vocals) and Jason Pirone  (Everything Else).  The albums received incredible reviews but something was missing.....  a drummer!  Both albums were recorded with the use of a drum machine.  Although the intricate and melodic progressive metal songs showcased great talent, the organic nature of a band was lost.  During the long absence, Pirone continued writing material but was uninspired to release anything to the public.  But in 2013 Pirone crossed paths with drummer Tony Rossi (Ronny Munroe, Reverence, Sanxtion) and a clear musical connection took place.  Six new songs were recorded and three from the previous albums. Good friend Jeff Frankenstein was added to play bass. The album was mastered by famed mastering egineer Maor Appelbaum.  The release date is 3-25-16

Produced, egineered and mixed by Jason Pirone

Music & Words by Jason Pirone

Drums recorded by Bryan McClain

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